You may be eligible for funding from The Country Friends®, if your agency offers preventative programs, encourages self-improvement, works with special needs individuals, and/or job training.

Agency Funding Process

Run by our Agency Funding Committee and comprised of our Board of Directors, our review process ensures agencies seeking the financial assistance of The Country Friends® are thoroughly reviewed, vetted, and formally voted on to determine the best use of our funding.

Every request is considered on its own merit and we fund with two firm provisions:

  • Funds will be used for the purposes requested
  • Funds will be used solely within San Diego County

The Agency Funding Committee is presently using the following criteria:


  • Agencies offering preventative programs (i.e., child abuse, battered women)
  • New or continuing programs directed by established agencies
  • Established agencies that encourage self-improvement and/or job training
  • New agencies in the process of becoming established. TCF will conduct detailed due diligence prior to funding
  • Medical devices/equipment for specific needs


  • Agencies that do not have an office in San Diego
  • Agencies that send any portion of our funds to a state or national headquarters
  • Auxiliary groups associated with any institution e.g. colleges, hospitals, libraries, theaters, museums
  • Agencies involved with the care and/or protection of parks, wildlife, and domesticated animals
  • Salaries
  • Capital contributions (i.e. Building Funds)
  • National medical research foundations
  • Religious affiliated organizations

General Agency Information Form

This form will be available beginning January 1 through September 15.

The General Agency Information Form is not our formal funding application. However, the General Agency Information Form is the First Step and must be completed as part of the funding process. All new and past agencies must complete and update the General Agency Information Form between January 1-September 1 of each new year to update our files. The Country Friends will contact any NEW agency for a site visit before we can fund, along with any previously funded agency that has not had a site visit in the past four years.

Starting August 1, 2024, everyone who has completed the General Agency Information Form will receive an email with information on the next steps.